Insulator Coating

RTV Silicone Application​

Based on our extensive experience, PGC has perfected a set of systematic techniques for coating insulators that meets all applicable international criteria for quality, health and safety, and environmental protection.

Our application is fully guaranteed and meets the highest standards of Quality, Health & Safety at Work, and Environmental Management as certified by TÜV Nord within the scope of issued certificate as follows:

“Application of Room Temperature Vulcanizing High Voltage Insulator Coating (RTV ) on Electrical Substations and Overhead Transmission and Distribution Lines”


Either both the “Application Procedure of RTV in High Voltage Overhead Lines and Substations” of High Line Division S.L. than the controls and processes derived from it are duly documented, especially on regard of the relevant Quality Controls, within the preparatory work, during the execution of the application and the final result of the application performance.

  • Costly Maintenance shutdowns.
  • Unnecessary wear and tear to system back up units.
  • Reliance on peak loading generation.
  • Pollution induced outages.

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