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Building on its participation and exquisite involvement in the drone service sector in the Kuwait market, Power Grid Company has positioned itself as a formidable player by arming itself with a fleet of cutting-edge unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the world’s highest quality.

For years, PGC’s Oil & Gas Services has been in the center of energy production infrastructures, where it has designed, installed, started up, and maintained such facilities while guaranteeing their optimal safety, cost, lead time, and quality, which include:

  1. Flare stack inspection.
  2. Pressure Vessels and Dehydrators inspection.
  3. Robotics Inspection.
  4. Pipeline Inspection.
  5. 3D Modeling and Reconstruction.
  6. Confined Space Inspection.
  7. Optical Gas Imaging (OGI).
  8. Thermal Inspection.

Unlike many other industries, the energy and utilities industry is thriving more than ever before. PGC can assist you in taking the appropriate decisions in plenty of new energy sources, distributed generations, smart grids, digital transformations, and more empowered customers. Here you can check the related services:

  1. Chimney Stacks
  2. Overhead line Inspection.
  3. Telecom Towers.
  4. Solar Panels.

PGC is an industry leader in surveying, mapping, and GIS services, and we also offer in-depth knowledge of analysis methodologies and modeling tools. Our services aid customers from a wide range of industries in gaining a deeper comprehension of environmental concerns, making well-informed decisions, and implementing practical, cost-effective strategies. Here are some of our outstanding surveying and mapping services.

  1. Corridor Mapping
  2. Topographical Mapping
  3. Construction
  4. 3D Building Models

We take the time to listen to your security concerns, present options based on proven implementations, and assist your team in implementing the appropriate security measures. In addition, we collaborate closely with our integration and programming centers to ensure that nothing is left to chance. We apply all of this through:

  1. Border and Coastal Surveillance.
  2. Traffic Surveillance.
  3. Perimeter Surveillance.
It’s my privilege to address you that “Power Grid Company (PGC)” is committed to Quality and Professionalism ensuring to deliver their best to each client

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