Maintenance Division

Our Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Program

our competency spans the entire scope of power technology systems
PGC’s bottom line policy is to provide customers with services and solutions that properly match their needs while committing to worldwide operational excellence. Our experience, countless customer satisfaction certifications, and track record of successfully completed projects enable us to offer a full-service package that is committed to exceeding customers’ expectations with products and services that are exactly tailored to their needs and demands.
  • Overhead Transmission Power Lines, HV, MV & LV Electric auxiliaries installation, maintenance & troubleshooting.
  • Underground Distribution Systems & Cable Termination installation, maintenance & troubleshooting.
  • Live Line Insulator Washing.
  • Live Line Maintenance developing Rubber Gloves (up to 45 kV), Distance method (up to 400 kV) & Bare-Hand technique.
  • Power Transformers & OCBs installation, maintenance & troubleshooting.
  • Switchgears maintenance & troubleshooting.
  • Thermal Imaging.

Portable Reverse Osmosis System produces water with high low level of conductivity, using water with less than 100 microsiemens conductivity, with A.B.Chance Hotline Water pressure insulator washer we can guarantee a safe washing procedure according to international standards

The washing of the overhead power lines on a regular basis guarantees that there will be no outages due to bad weather conditions, e.g. fog, dirt and further. Therefore, it increases efficiency and circuit reliability, improves safety and reduces overall maintenance costs compared to de-energized methods of maintenance.

Live Line Preventive & Predictive Maintenance with Rubber Gloves, Hotsticks & Bare-Hand methodologies

We are executing preventive and corrective maintenance of overhead power lines and electric auxiliaries (fuse-holders, disconnect switches, etc.) using these methodologies that allow us to install a high voltage By-Pass over the fuse holders or line disconnects which enable our technicians to work on energized installation without the necessity of shutting off the power of the transformer

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